CL-800 Thoracic Fraction Cyclone

CL-800 Thoracic Fraction Cyclone
CL-800 Thoracic Fraction CycloneCL-800 Thoracic Fraction CycloneCL-800 Thoracic Fraction Cyclone
Code: 15

Reference: CL-800


CL-800 Anodized Aluminum Cyclone for Thoracic Fraction Sampling (Penetration beyond the larynx).

Technical characteristics

Cutoff: 10.0 µm

Flow rate: 1.6 L/min

Keeps the curve for thoracic dust by the method NIOSH 5524

Works with any sample pump model

Light and small

Dimensions: 99 x 38 x 50mm

Weight: 86 gramas

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