FE-600 Filter MCE 37mm

FE-600 Filter MCE 37mm
FE-600 Filter MCE 37mmFE-600 Filter MCE 37mm
Code: 487

Brand: SKCModel:FE-600 Reference: FE-600 Launch Date: 15/06/2020


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37 mm MCE filter

Filter for monitoring total and respirable dust. Mixed Ester Cellulose (MCE) applied to use for several NIOSH methods, porosity 0.8 µm, offers low interference in the fiber count. Used for air monitoring, particle monitoring, microbiological analysis, fluid analysis, contamination analysis. 37 mm MCE filter supplied with 100 units.

Technical information

Diameter: 37 mm

Porosity: 0,8 µm

Weight: 37 g

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