KHO-05 Occupational hygiene kit - Chemical agent assessments

KHO-05 Occupational hygiene kit - Chemical agent assessments
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KHO-05 Occupational hygiene kit - Chemical agent assessments
Code: 435

Reference: KHO-05 Launch Date: 31/01/2020




Occupational hygiene kit for chemical agents. Ideal for consulting companies, it is a kit for all types of chemical analysis, such as respirable particles, thoracic particles, gases, vapors and inhalable particle. KHO-05 includes: (01) Accura-2 sampling pump, (01) support for SC-500 cassette, (01) low flow kit LF-500, (01) aluminum cyclone CL-700, (01) chamber calibration for the aluminum cyclone CL-701, (01) aluminum cyclone for chest particulate, (01) sampler for inhalable particulate CL-900, (01) calibration support for the inhalable particulate sampler CL-902 an exclusive Criffer‘s carrying case. Click on the items below to access the specifications of each accessory:










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    We guarantee our customers, for the period of 3 (three) years after the issuance of the invoice, technical assistance services for any defects caused by manufacturing or component failure that makes them inappropriate for the use they are intended.


    To validate the guarantee, it is necessary to send the instrument properly packed, including a copy of the invoice to: Av. Theodomiro Porto da Fonseca, 3101 / Unit 6, São Leopoldo / RS CEP: 93022-715 OR TO AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR.


    The period for repairing of the product will not exceed 10 working days, counted from the date of receipt in our laboratory.


    Conditions not covered by the warranty:

    Exposure to excessive heat (above 65 °C)

    See warranty for each accessory on Criffer website

    Opening the instrument without authorization (Breach of the seal