TRP-200 Height-adjustable tripod

TRP-200 Height-adjustable tripod
TRP-200 Height-adjustable tripod
Code: 497

Brand: CrifferModel:TRP-200 Reference: TRP-200 Launch Date: 15/06/2020


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TRP-200 Height-adjustable tripod is used to facilitate the positioning of your sound level meter or heat stress monitor at the height of highest heat incidence for the employee during the working period. Tripod is matte black painted according to current regulations. The height adjustment clamps ensures more stability to the thermometer. When used with sound level meter, the tripod facilitates positioning the instrument at the evaluated environment, making each measurement efficient and safe.

*The diameter of the screw must be informed during the purchase.



NHO-06 Avaliação da exposição ocupacional ao calor
ISO 7243 Ergonomics of the thermal environment — Assessment of heat stress using the WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature) index
INSHT NTP 322: Valoración del riesgo de estrés térmico: índice WBGT


Technical Information

Screw diameter: ¼”

Maximum height:

Length (closed tripod): 400 mm

Diameter (open tripod): 600 mm


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