Multiparameter Meter FLEX

Multiparameter Meter FLEX
Multiparameter Meter FLEXMultiparameter Meter FLEXMultiparameter Meter FLEX
Code: 581

Brand: CrifferModel:FLEX Reference: FLEX Launch Date: 09/10/2023


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FLEX is a multifunctional signal integrator that enables the reading of various sensors to measure parameters such as the Air Quality Index with sensor *X-01, Ultraviolet Radiations UVA and UVB *X-04, Carbon Monoxide Concentration *X-05, Carbon Dioxide Concentration *X-06, and Lux Meter *X-08. Its plug-and-play flexibility and convenience make it easy to switch between sensors.

Sensors can be provided or sold separately.

With the purchase of FLEX, you will receive:
1 RJ-09 Cable
1 Carrying Case
Digital Calibration Certificate
*Note: Sensors must be purchased separately.

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