CR-2 Digital Noise Calibrator

CR-2 Digital Noise Calibrator
CR-2 Digital Noise CalibratorCR-2 Digital Noise Calibrator
Code: 45

Reference: CR-2



Introducing the newest CR-2! The smallest and most modern acoustic calibrator on the market, specially designed to calibrate decibelmeters and noise dosimeters

Fully meets standards

NHO 01 - Occupational exposure to noise assessment

IEC 60942 - Electro Acoustics Sound Calibrators

Technical characteristics

Manufactured according IEC 942 classe 1

Sound pressure level: 94 e 114dB

Can be used with instruments of other brands

Precision: ± 0,4 dB

Frequency: 1000Hz

Applied in weighting A, and linear

Power: 1 Battery AA

Dimensions: 50 x 55 x 53mm

Weight: 104g

Supplied with

Carrying case

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