Octava Digital Sound Level Meter

Octava Digital Sound Level Meter
Octava Digital Sound Level MeterOctava Digital Sound Level MeterOctava Digital Sound Level Meter
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Octava, the first decibel meter of the Criffer line with national manufacturing. Lightweight, compact and accurate, performs octave band analysis 1/1 and 1/3 of octaves with measurement of: Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lmin, with datalogger for recording the evaluations and reporting.

Standards applied

IEC 61672 - Electroacoustics Sound Level Meters

IEC 61260 - Electroacoustics Oval Band and Fraction Band Octave Band Filter

ANSI S1.4 - Specifications for Sound Level Meters

ANSI S1.11 - Octave Specifications, Half Octave and 1/3 Set of Octave Bands

ANSI S1.43 -Average Integration Specifications of Sound Level Meters

Technical characteristics

Display: Liquid Crystal Alphanumeric

Measurement: Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax., Lmin.

Scale: 30 a 130 dB

Precision: ± 1,5 dB (ref. 94 dB em 1 kHz)

Frequency analysis on octave band scale with 9 bands and 1/3 octave with 27 bands

Detachable ½-inch condensed electret microphone

Weighting: A, C and Z (Plan)

Answer: Fast, Slow, 10m/s, Impact (I)

Frequency range: 25Hz to 10kHz

Automatic Calibration

High resistance to EMI/RFI

Indication of battery percentage (0 a 100%)

Power: Rechargeable battery 3,7V 1800mAh

Battery life: 18h

Advanced data logger, including spectral analysis

Wired communication (USB)

Dimensions: 253 x 74 x 20mm

Supplied with

Wind Protector

Kit de conectividade (Software + USB Cable)

Power supply

Instruction manual


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