CR2 plus | Digital Noise Calibrator

CR2 plus | Digital Noise Calibrator
CR2 plus | Digital Noise CalibratorCR2 plus | Digital Noise CalibratorCR2 plus | Digital Noise Calibrator
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Brand: CrifferModel:CR 2 Plus Reference: CR 2 Plus Launch Date: 09/10/2023


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CR2 Plus

Introducing the third generation of our acoustic calibrator, a portable device that stands out with its modern design, digital display, and a unique soft-touch finish. It features the advantage of a rechargeable internal battery with a calibration cycle autonomy of 1000 cycles, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and reducing maintenance requirements.

The equipment operates at nominal levels of 114 dB or 94 dB at a frequency of 1000 Hz. It performs calibrations for noise dosimeters and sound level meters, instruments designed for personal and environmental noise measurements. The CR2 plus is manufactured in Brazil and designed for use with instruments equipped with a ½-inch microphone.

The purchase of CR2 plus includes:
01 CR2 plus
01 Digital Calibration Certificate

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