KHO-01 Occupational hygiene kit - Acoustic

KHO-01 Occupational hygiene kit - Acoustic
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KHO-01 Occupational hygiene kit - Acoustic
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Brand: CrifferModel:KHO-01 Reference: KHO-01 Launch Date: 31/01/2020


Acoustic occupational hygiene kit, KHO-01 is used to perform great services optimizing your working time. Designed for high demand for noise analysis, work safety reports and expertise. The KHO-01 has (04) dosimeters Sonus-2 plus, (01) acoustic calibrator CR-2. All items are supplied in an exclusive Criffer case.

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Sonus-2 plus

Na compra do kit KHO-01 acompanha 04 Carregadores portátil bivolt 04 Cabos USB
Certificados de calibração digital

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