Vibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMB

Vibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMB
Vibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMBVibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMBVibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMBVibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMBVibrate - Vibration Monitor VCI and VMB
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It is with great pleasure that we present the Vibrate! The first occupational exposure meter to vibration with affordable market price. Developed and manufactured in Brazil, it has the lightest accelerometer / adapter set on the market, allowing precise evaluations, even in very light tools.

Band Analysis 1/1 and 1/3 octaves 
Calculates automatically: RMS, VDV, VDVR, Aeq, Am, Amr, Amep, Are, Aren, Arep e Fc

Standards applied

ISO-8041(2005): Human response to vibrations - Instrumentation for measurements

ISO-5349-1(2001): Measurement of human exposure to hand-held vibration - General requirements 

ISO-5349-2 (2001): Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration - Practical Guide for field measurements

ISO-2631-1 (1997): Evaluation of human exposure to whole body vibration - General requirements


Technical characteristics

Display: Liquid crystal alphanumeric

Simultaneous vibration measurements on the 3 axes: x, y and z

Full body measurements with triaxial seat accelerometer

Hand-arm measurements with triaxial accelerometer and mounting adapters

VCI frequency weighting: Wk and Wd

Frequency Weighting VMB: Wh

Measurement parameters: RMS, VDV, Aeq, Am, Amr, Amep, Are, Aren, A (8), Arep and Fc

Overload indication

Auto Run: Automatically turns on and off, programmable up to 10 weekly events

Real-time measurements of 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands

Sensitivity calibration or external calibrator

High resistance to EMI / RFI

Battery percentage indication (0 to 100%)

Power: 3.7V 1800mAh rechargeable battery

Battery life: 20h

Advanced data logger, including spectral analysis

Wired communication (USB)

Dimensions: 90 x 62 x 24mm

Instrument weight: 125g

Weight of adapter + VMB accelerometer: 25g


Supplied with

Battery charger bivolt

Triaxal accelerometer and hand and arm adapters (VMB)

Triaxal Accelerometer for Whole Body (VCI)

Connectivity Kit (Software + USB communication cable)

Carrying case

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